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Feb 18, 2008


Kind words from my wonderful clients! Please post your comments here...


  1. Sara designed our real estate website a long time ago with links to our home office in New Jersey. We recently went out on our own as an independent real estate company and she was able to create a database for us, giving us total control over our listings, etc. She has since "tweaked" it numerous times as we add/adjust things we came up with for the site. SHE IS SMART AS A WHIP and we know you will be most pleased with whatever it is she does for you. You will be most impressed with her creativity and knowledge. Dick Bartek (take a look!)
    Colleyville, Texas

  2. Several months ago I decided I wanted to have a blog. I started one months before that, but could not get motivated to do much, and my banner was just not what I wanted.
    Surfing through the blogs, I spotted one I just loved and knew I had to talk with Sara.
    I emailed her right away and we corresponded back and forth about what it should look like, colors, placement, designs, etc. It's amazing, but she can read you very well. Sara went to work and send me one to view--I loved it! She then went on to make me one for each season which is a very neat idea.
    I am not a computer whiz, but I really learned a lot from her and she has more patience than I ever believed someone could, especially with me. She knows the artistic side as her family is all talented, but she really know the computer and how to teach those of us who are in the early stage of learning.
    The whole experience has been a real pleasure and one I would recommend to anyone out there today.
    Thanks, Sara

  3. Sara is the bestest! She has added so much bling to not only my blog but my life. She has amazing talent and is soooo wonderful to work with. She knows her stuff and when she learns something new she gets so excited and cant wait to share it! Excellent worker and beautiful person to do business with!

  4. I {heart} Sara! She is thorough and accurate each and every time. I appreciate all the time she dedicated to the questions and project that I had for her. THANK YOU SARA!

  5. Sara is the best!! My project is not yet complete (mostly due to my inability to make a decision or come up with a plan!) but she has been so helpful, full of great ideas, kind and patient with me! I totally feel safe know that Sara is going to make my blog look amazing!! She listens to me and understands that the blog needs to fit the person! I just can't say enough good about Sara!! :)

  6. Wow! That about sums up Sara and her talent. From the first time I contacted Sara she has been wonderful to work with. We threw ideas back and forth and voila, my beautiful blog was created. I can't say enough about how easy Sara made things for me. Anyone who uses her for their web/blog design will not be dissapointed!

  7. Sara did a wonderful job creating a favicon for my blog -- and she did it so quickly, making it appear as if it were completely effortless on her part! Thanks so much, Sara!

  8. Of all the tweaks I've made on my blog this has got to be my favorite. My little Favicon is absolutely adorable and so matches with me and my blog! Thanks so much Sara!

  9. Sorry I'm late in getting this much deserved testimonial written for my friend Sara! I was one of Sara's first clients (outside her sister of course), and from the minute I first "met" her online, I was 100% impressed. First of all, she's a great person, inside and out. She OOZES creativity! She is a go getter, she is dependable, and she is totall a pleasure to work with! I LOVE my new banner and blog layout. I had wanted a 3 column blog for a very long time and COULD NOT get it formatted correctly. In comes Sara and it's done in like, 20 minutes, I swear! Like I said, she oozes creativity, and if you are considering working with her, you have nothing to fear. This girl rocks it big time!


  10. Ok, everyone, this is my SISTER...'nuff said!!!!

    oh ok, all the stuff written by all the other girls here is totally true. she is genuine and really LOVES to help you in any way. and she's fun, like me.

  11. Sara just finished my blog and I am ECSTATIC to say the least! She is truly a remarkable designer and really understands a person's unique style. She came up with ideas that I didn't even think were possible. I whole-heartedly recommend Sara for anyone who is looking for a unique design that is truly your own!

  12. I'm thrilled to give Sara a much deserved testimonial! She just finished my blog, and I'm utterly thrilled and completely happy with how it turned out! Her attention to detail is amazing, as is her talent, creativity, and vision! I swear this girl can "see" what you're thinking! If your blog needs a new look... you've come to the right place! You won't be disappointed!

  13. I LOVE Sara!! I contacted her after she made some watermarks for one of the design teams I am on. I was so impressed by them that I decided to use her when I was ready to re-vamp my blog and give it a total over haul! I told her what I wanted/liked and due to my lack of graphic's knowledge or computer skills totally threw it into her hands. She got my vision perfectly! She was a joy to work with and had good communication skills. I was over-joyed with the results. I will be back next time I decide to re-vamp anything, or need anything else she is capable of doing.
    Thank you Sara!!!

  14. My husband and I just started a new business. The logo design was one of my pet projects. Little did I know, "affordable-graphic-designer" is an oxymoron. (I couldn't stand the thought of using something that I designed in Word though.) I was truly making myself sick over it.

    Anyway, I was familiar with Sara's blog work, watermarks, etc, but didn't know if she would take on a business identity package... not to mention the terrible deadline I had. Much to my delight, she did!

    She "designed" and "tweaked" and "tweaked" and "tweaked". I had no fewer than 50 versions to choose from. It was as tough as choosing a baby name!

    Ultimately, our business has a clean, sharp, professional logo. The first day we were open, we sold about 75 t-shirts with her logo! My screenprinter loves her too:) Without reservation, I recommend Sara for any graphic design project. Thanks again Sara!

  15. After learning about Sara from Amy Westerman - I knew I had to call on her to assist me with my new blog. As an artist I needed my blog to reflect my art. Sara was a master in making that happen efficiently, effectively and most importantly BEAUTIFULLY!

    I love my new blog and so do all my readers. Thank you Sara.

    Eager to call on you again :o)

    Terri Conrad
    Terri Conrad Designs