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Apr 6, 2008

My Design, a Tidbit and a New Service

The Design
As you can see I've made a few changes to my look. I was so TIRED of the big butterfly and dark background I HAD to do something! So you'll be seeing changes here and there on my own blog. Of course, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to my own blog...just break there will be no grand unveiling. Instead you'll get to see bits and pieces here and there. A personal note to my wonderful queue...I promise this is not cutting into your time in the queue! Thanks for hanging in there!!!!!!!

The Tidbit
I've been hearing quite the buzz lately about a GREAT Blogger tool! Some of you may know but those who don't SHOULD so I decided to make a post about it! If you use Blogger go to You will see your slightly different looking dashboard. If you login into Blogger here you can SCHEDULE POSTS and if you LOVE widgets be sure to Add a New Page Element to get the list off all the great widgets!!!!!! I suppose I would consider this Blogger's staging area so be patient as some of the tools on draft.blogger may not be PERFECTED just yet. Thanks Connie for reminding me of this GREAT service!!!!! I love just Blogger!

The New Service
Announcing Another New Service...Siggies!
I've been hearing a lot of talk about post signatures (also known as a "siggy") lately. First Susan was asking about them and then I saw Amy's new signature she made herself on Then low and behold Julie told me she wanted one to match her new design.

So I figured what the hay...I should offer this service in case people want more out of their signature! For $5 - $10 I make it to your specifications, write the code and I will even help you set it up to be automatically added to each post providing your blog service allows these kinds of modifications, most will.

Thanks ladies for the great ideas and asking for help!!!!! :) Anyone else? Even if I don't know you yet I'm always here to help just send me email!

Have fun playing on the Internet!
Sara ;)


  1. I love, love, love the new look girl!!!! Great job!


  2. Your new look is awesome. I love the light background and flourishes.


  3. Great looking page! I just got a new signature but it would be fun to make that fishy move. Oh, well! :o)

  4. Love the new siggies! Just sent you an email.