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May 25, 2008

A BIG Tweak and a LITTLE Catchup!

I've just finished another big tweak! Michelle asked me to make her a watermark, an animated siggy and she wanted her CUTE hand-stamped banner sprinkled all over her blog.

She sent me scanned images and photographs of her stamped work as well as her smiling donkey, Raffie! I used those and her banner to create a FULL BLOG MAKE OVER:

Here is her VERY animated siggy:

I'll let Michelle show you her VERY COOL watermark.

Now for SOME catch up:

A siggy for Christy Beckwith, MFT's illustrator. Again, I got to work with her TOO CUTE illustrations....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Julie's 2 watermarks inspired by her blog design:

Using Cornish Heritage Farms' logo I created this watermark for Julie for her DT works.

Mary Leeson's siggy inspired by her profile picture:

A Sara may have seen it here, here, or maybe even here:

I used a few vectors from

I still have a few more little guys and 2 full designs to show you VERY, VERY SOON! I can't show you BEFORE my customers do, that wouldn't be right. ;)

Now back to work. I hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Michelle's blog is one got to every day and you've just made it better. You are indeed super talented!

  2. I just wanted to tell you I am a "reader" of Michelle's blog and you did an awesome job with are one talented is just amazing..

  3. Hey! Sent you an email now that I'm back- just making sure you got it. :) If not let me know...

  4. AWESOME job on Michelle's blog!!! Wonderful kickin donkey!! As regards the other siggies, I really like Mary's with the little sprinkles coming down from Heaven!! Very clever.

  5. these are all SO fabulous. Love Christy's siggy so much! Can't wait till we get to play! ;-)