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Jan 8, 2009

A Quick Post


I know I'll be seeing a lot of you guys from Jen's place today so I thought I should make a quick post of my latest projects, just in case you want to poke around. I'm still working with all of these ladies so I will make "official" release posts later.

Of course, Jen at i{heart} are working out those little bugs now. It will be thinner so you won't have to scroll from left to right! ;)

Julie at may actually be finished, I'm not sure yet. What do ya think Julie?

Aileen at Aileen...I'll have you're buttons soon!

Josee at'll be talking to you VERY soon!!!

Joanne at ...just a little something... I can't believe I never posted your design!! I need to do that...after we get your non-seasonal up.

and finally I made a little siggy for Debby forever ago:


  1. Oh my, they are all beautiful, but I think I {{{heart}}} inkydivacard the best! It's divine! Hope all is well with you. Sounds like you are still as busy as ever.


  2. My fav are Jen's and the Inkydivacard!! However, I REALLY like the tab tops on the 52 Skethes!! See you Sunday!!!

  3. Everything is running smoothly Sara & I am just loving my site - thanks so much!!

  4. As usual Sara, your work is AMAZING!