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Sep 1, 2010

September MTME Releases are MEGA AWESOME!

Why is this one different you ask?

Lauren's releases are always so creative and unique but this month is special. Lauren is offering a SUPER CUTE MEGA TEMPLATE this month!!!! It is LOADED with options, option, options!!! I can't even believe how much stuff this baby comes with!  The template is called Shop Around © Mega Template and boy is it mega, from home to shoppe this template has got it all!

What better to go with a house and shoppe template than some building materials?  I have designed a ton of paper to use with this template.  We've got brick, stone, shingles, siding and so on...just see for yourself:

Now my store graphic doesn't even have all the papers in the set displayed.  Yes there are that many, 22 to be exact!!!  Be sure to visit the store to see them all.

The patterns from these papers are also available in black with transparent backgrounds here:

Now you can make your own construction materials to match any project!

I also made some EASY to use store decor.  Want to make a boutique quick?  This is the answer for you!  My very first Color Me Pretty © set of papers.  I have created 10 different boutiques using Lauren's images from this release... and even previous ones.  The bold colors are there to make digitally coloring the images a cinch!  No more fill bleeding on everything.  There are many possibilities with this set as I have included these with white AND transparent backgrounds.  Overlay, underlay, fill, stroke, etc...the possibilities are endless!  You mustsee them in the store to get the full picture of what these babies look like!  Go see, go see:

And last but not least the Color Collection for this month to use with any project.

OK there is one other reason this month is so special and my explanation for staying up WAY TOO this month!!!  MTME has a Gallery now:

I'm so excited to show you my first gallery installation, configuration and design!  It turned out great and the design team is already talking about how great it is to use...WHOOPEE!!   The best part is now you can see all the design team projects in one place...all the inspiration you need without all the searching and clicking, how cool is that??!?

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. Sara, you did another FABULOUS job on these papers!!! I'm always blown away by your creativity!!! Big hugs ~S~

  2. Wowsie, wowsie woo! You have been one busy girl. I really like all of the building textures. Very cool!