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Jan 31, 2008

How does this all happen?

1) First you send me email and tell me which services you would like. For example: A banner with headings and a watermark.

Before I can start your design I'll need to know:

  • What colors would you like?
  • What’s your style? Some words that may help you get an idea of how to explain it: cutesy, simple, busy, graceful, jagged, dirty, clean, crisp…I suppose the normal words can be used as well…country, elegant, vintage, retro, modern…on and on and on.
  • Any particular elements? Flowers, stripes, spots, lace, hearts, tree, fishing pole…I don’t know, you get the idea.
  • Seen what you love online? Send me some links, banners, cards, digital scrapbook embellishments…any graphical image.
  • Do you know EXACTLY what you want? Describe it with words. Draw a sketch (even an ugly one) then scan it/photograph it and email it to me. Send me similar images.
  • Don’t have a clue? Send me mail...get in my queue (if I have one) then take some time and look at other banners or any graphical designs and then just send me what you like. The more you know about what you want the quicker we get to realizing your banner!
  • Still can’t figure what to tell me…try telling me what you hate…colors you think are ugly, banners you find horrible disgusting, so on and so on.

2) I put you in my queue...if I have one

3) As I finish designs I'll send updates so you can see my work PLUS you get an idea of where you are in line and how much longer you have to wait.

4) I setup a temporary blog for you and I to view samples together. We can also use this blog to discuss ideas or anything else we may think about.

5) We work TOGETHER to create your design. You tell me what you love and hate and I make changes. PLEASE REMEMBER my feelings are to be EXCLUDED from this portion of your blog design. The more you hesitate to be honest the further from our goal we become!

6) If you're not getting the "Queen Treatment" then I send you a bill, you pay me and I send you the final version of your design. If not:

a) You grant me access to your blog. (Oh, don't know how? I do and I'll tell you with simple ILLUSTRATED step-by-step instructions!)

b) I make the changes.

c) We tweak it if needed.

d) I bill you, you pay me, I send you the files and make the final modifications.

7) We're ALL DONE...for now! ;) If it doesn't sound quick that's because it isn't! I work diligently to get the look that YOU want!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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