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Jun 13, 2008

I woke up to...

...this next to my bed!

Isn't Lily just the sweetest!!!

I'll be posting some completed projects VERY SOON!!!

Happy birthday to my twin sister...Nancy! She'll have a blog soon!!


  1. Lily,

    That was so nice of you to draw your mommy such a pretty picture for her birthday. James and Lucas said that they loved your picture. I am going to use your lovely butterfly on my computer. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love you.
    Aunt Samantha

  2. Lillian, what a sweet picture you created for your mommy for her birthday! You are so talented! How special it is that you and your mommy can create such wonderful art together!

  3. (are those your boobies?) LOL!!
    what a cute picture for her to make you!!!

  4. sweet is that? It is definitely a keeper! It will definitely make for some fun memories later on.

    Happy Birthday to you! :-)

  5. Your twin is having a birthday, so that says you are having one too! Happy Birthday, Sara!!!

    Lilllian is a sweetheart and very talented.
    Hope you close your computer and go have some fun.

    All my best, Connie

  6. Aww that is sweet.....LOTS OF TALENT! I love the boobies up there too. LOL!!

    Found your blog on Gina's site. I will visit again soon.


  7. Cute pic- kids drawings are so honest (my girls draw me bigger than my hubby right now :( ) that they crack me up.

    Happy birthday to you and your sister(have her visit when she get's her blog)!

  8. I ditto Susie LOL, LOVE the fun picture Sara, thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.

    Happy Belated Birthday,
    Jennifer :)

  9. LOL...omigosh! This is absolutely adorable!!!!! I like that you are well abreast of things. No smiley face but you got the girls on!!!


  10. awwww! Happy Brithbay!!! That is so adorable. Found you via Gina. Hope your day was fabulous!!