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Jun 16, 2008

The Polkadot Cafe and an Unpink Logo!

After several FUN weeks of work Becky and I have finished her TOTALLY COOL NEW DESIGN! She sent me a couple pictures and some ideas for inspiration and we were off. I got to play with all sorts of texture and home made "digi-scraps"! She was able to find the perfect font and color scheme and throw in some really great ideas to help me create this COMPLETELY POLKA DOTTED FANTASY!!! I just LOVE IT and I hope you do too!

Thanks Becky I really could not have created this look that is totally YOU...without YOU!!!!

<---You may have also noticed that I'm an unpink soap star! Check out Gina's blog to see what it's all about!!!

an unpink life

I just made this link logo and a favicon for Gina to match her already VERY HIP blog design!

And one more thing I have to add...thanks for the funny comments about the scarily anatomically correct picture by Lillian! It was as hilarious to me as it was to you!!!!!!


  1. oh how cute! Like it almost as much as the one you did for me... =)

  2. Hi Sara...I sent you an e-mail the other day...did you get it? Super cute banner!

  3. Very cute - I am thinking you should show the cute work you did for me too!!!