My queues are currently closed. I'm sad too, but yes, this means I am not taking new customers at this time. If you're interested in my work please feel free to subscribe.

Aug 15, 2008

Just a Quick Note

I have received quite a few requests since the release of Lauren's new design. I am knees deep in a couple of projects right now so I haven't made time to respond to those requests. Rest assured your place in the queue is locked in as soon as I receive your first request. I will, however, still respond individually just as soon as I carve out a little time to do so. The queue is at approximately 6 to 8 months at the present time but I'm working as hard as I can to get that time decreased. THANK YOU so much for your interest in my services!!!!!!

I will also be revising my Queue (yes, I need to update that number as well) soon so that you can better see where you are in line. To do this I will use your first name and last initial. If you would prefer to remain anonymous until your new design is released please send me an email with a name or code of some sort I can use in place of your name. ;)

Another little note to my existing queue: I haven't forgotten ANY of you, I promise! I've got my spreadsheet with all your names and wonderful inspirations. I'm SO SORRY you have to wait so long, I really am!!! It's totally ridiculous, I know!! As time goes on I get faster and more efficient but I also have a child is a baby boy...need I say more. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience with me!! When we start working together I hope that you see that I go to great lengths to ensure that your design is COMPLETELY YOU and that YOU LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!
Sara :)


  1. Yeah I am SOOOO happy people LOVE my site! Why wouldn't they? I told ya you'd get swamped even more :D hehehehe Its not a bad thing!!

  2. No problem Sara! I am glad that I am already in queue though! LOL Maybe, I need to have you add me to the list again?

  3. Girl, I am THRILLED for you that business is so good. After all, you ARE the best! :-)