My queues are currently closed. I'm sad too, but yes, this means I am not taking new customers at this time. If you're interested in my work please feel free to subscribe.

Nov 5, 2008

The Queue

If you are waiting in line and were checking your spot, I'm sorry I removed the list. It was just COMPLETELY out of date. I have finished a lot of projects, people have left my queue, it's just a mess and takes too much time to update. But rest assured I still have the list and plan to keep on designing until I have finished every last one of you. I sincerely appreciate your patience!!! If it's any consultation my clients often tell me it was worth the wait and I hope it will be for you too! I will do my absolute best to make sure it was!!!! :) Also you MAY like to know that I am ALWAYS helping my existing clients as well so I suppose if you need it you can consider that a perk as well. Once I'm finished with your design I'm happy to help you with WHATEVER you need and you rarely have to wait. You waited SO long for your design you deserve a little something extra. Plus I really do enjoy helping all the friends I make online.

Some of you have asked to be removed and that's fine too. Although I must admit I am VERY sad to lose you...NO DOUBT!!! If you've been waiting forever and a year and are just sick of it, I TOTALLY understand! I always check to make sure you haven't found a design somewhere else before I start stalking your blog an going through your notes for inspiration. If I see you have a new design I move on otherwise the first time you will hear from me will include samples!

If you've visited my queue EVEN after reading that I'm no longer taking requests

...then you deserve to know more about what I will be up to!!! Initially my thoughts were SADLY just to close up shop as this really does take a lot of my time but I really do love it and I just can't go!!!!! So I plan to have premade blog themes available and EASY TO INSTALL freebies as well (hopefully) by the beginning of next year. I will definitely offer Blogger templates and freebies. However I am toying with the idea of offering themes for other blog hosts as well. So if you use another blogging host and KNOW you will be back to see my premades, leave a comment here on this post and tell me which one YOU use!!!! You can subscribe over there to your left to be the first to know when I start releasing some INSTANT gratification!!! Oh and for all you blogging kiddos out there...Lillian has plans as well, so stay tuned!!!! ;)

As far as CUSTOM designs I am still having an internal debate as I hope to be doing more illustrations as well so we'll see. Should I decide to re-open custom designs I will only be taking a client or two at a time. That means NO MORE LINES...HOORAY! I really don't like making all of you wait...I need clones to do my bidding!

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to visit me some time!!!!!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! You'll never have time for me ever again! This list is looks like your business has REALLY taken off! Congrats! I can say "I knew you when...."!!!!


  2. WOW! OMIGOSH!!! This is amazing and I am uber excited for you and really exauhsted at just reading it. YOU GO GIRL!

  3. Hmmm...I don't see my name on the list and I contacted you at least a month ago about a blog makeover. Can you see if you still have that info? Thanks! ~Lorie

  4. YAY! I wonder if I can pay Maren for her spot......;)

  5. loveee the new queue! this is fantastic. Can't wait to see your next revision! I'm so excited to finally be working with you! ;-)

  6. holy tamolie girl!! I'm so impressed with your templates, but it could take months or years to get to me. I'll just have to dream away. :) KEEP UP THE FABULOUS WORK!! I'm so glad your business is booming.

  7. Sara, I think that's a great idea with the ready make ones. If you have clients like me who seem to get their charge out of change, that would be perfect. I'm where I am only because your queue was closed.
    You are so talented and love what you are doing ~~ stay, please ? Pretty please with sugar on it ?

  8. Hi Sara - well, I came over here to try and get in your queue, not caring one bit how long it took, just to get to you "someday" - but I see that is no longer a possibility *sniff*! I have loved your work for a long time now but seeing what you just did to Carole's blog made me have to come over here and tell you so!!! I'll keep an eye out for your templates - in the meantime I guess I'll just try to be content with my so-so looking blog, LOL. Oh well, at least your decision is saving me some money that I can spend on more stamps instead! :-D I wish you all the best with whatever you do next - you are just mega-talented, those ladies who were able to get your tweaks are so darn lucky!! :-D