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Aug 28, 2008

Vicki's Tweaks

Vicki over at Paper Hugs & Die Cut Dreams decided she wanted headings and a few other things to match her current design by Lara and her "Crazy Larry" siggy!! Here let me show you:

Visit her blog to see all the's an eggstravaganza!

She also wanted a clock so I looked a bit for one to match. I remembered Connie installed a new clock recently so I decided to check it out. Well Toolshell Flash Clocks ROCKS!!! THANKS helped me and didn't even know it!!! Anyway Toolshell let's you customize your own clock! HOORAY...I was able to incorporate her design onto the clock...HOW COOL THAT????!!!!

I also added a column and helped her with a few more widgets...but wait! She also had this WONDERFUL idea to divide her Supplies List in her I added this:

  • First item
  • Second item
    • First item of embedded list
    • Second item of embedded list
    • Third item of embedded list
  • Third item
  • Fourth item

Now all that automatically populates each of her new posts! And see there's her fun siggy ...back for a little dance, the infamous "Crazy Larry". OK maybe not infamous!

Thanks Vicki for coming up with these great new ideas! Sounds like I have some updating of my services to do!!!


  1. No Sara - thank you for doing such a GREAT JOB!!!! There is nobody better than you!!!

    Glad I could be the next one checked off of the queue!!!


  2. oh, shut up.

    This is amazing.

  3. YOU JUST KEEP DOING AMAZING STUFF!!! I can't wait to get to work on my blog. All that you've done in the past will get all inspired for mine!!

  4. OMGoodness...these birds and designs are so cute! I love whimsical!