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Oct 2, 2008

Jennifer's Sweet Design

Jennifer's brand new look is ALL FINISHED! I'm so happy with the result, it's scrumptious!! She found some very cute cupcake paper for me to use on her design.

extended license for paper was purchased from Designer Digitals

Be sure to get the full view at her blog!

And of course I can't leave out her super HUNGRY siggy:

I mean come on, who wouldn't be looking at all those cupcakes all day long?


  1. Oh my goodness Sara this is soooooo fabulous!!!!!!! WOW! WOW! If I were a cupcake girl . .. love it!! :)

  2. Hi Sara :) I absolutely LOVE my NEW blog design!!! You were wonderful to work with and I can't wait to work with you again {{hint hint}} :)

    Thank you so much Sara!
    Jennifer :)

  3. Love it Sara! Jennifer's blog is so adorable. I especially like the siggy. One more down, that means I am getting closer to the top..........


  4. FABULOUS job, Sara! Your creativity has no boundaries! :-)

  5. I truly love the design (and cupcakes). I like the way Jennifer is eating her litt cupcake! YOU AMAZE ME!!!

  6. Sara, You did such a great job with the cupcake ---it
    is so cute !!
    Such a great blog, too.
    Now I have to go eat something sweet !!

  7. WOW! the animation in that siggy is amazing! Another super cute creation Sarah!