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May 23, 2009

Some Retro Fun and Real Estate

HUH? I know it makes no sense but what the hay!!! Here are two new releases.

First up is Carole from Mother's Little Helper. She wanted funky and retro with the blue, green and rust color you will see below. I already knew she has a fun since of humor mostly because of Susan but also from stalking her a bit as I usually do. I KNEW I would be able to have TONS OF FUN with this design and I did!!!! I found this great old ad to use in her banner and with some modification it fit WONDERFULLY in the look we wanted!!!! I also created a relaxing siggy and silly footer for her as well. Just check it out for yourself!

Images from istockphoto and iclipart were used in this deign. Fonts were provided by one of my favorite free font sites AND

And here is another one for Linda! Well it's really for the entire office of Bartek Real Estate. This is a company blog mostly put together by Linda (yes, my mother) but I tweaked it a bit and created a banner. I have also got a couple different domains pointing that way and am working on some search engine optimization for them. So be sure to check out Fort Worth Home Market...they are providing great tips and real estate news for the Fort Worth Texas area!!!!!!!!!

Images from istockphoto were used in this design. Fonts were provided by one of my favorite free font sites.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!


  1. Carole's new design is REALLY good looking! This is from someone who really does remember those designs. Congratulations, Sara and Carole, for a wonderful collaboration.
    Also, thanks to you, Sara, for the company blog ad!! Dick and I both are lovin it!

  2. Her siggy her is SO fun and I love the footer. Too cute!!