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Jul 15, 2009


I'm so happy to finally say that the new home for StampingAround is finished! Julie and Kim were so great to work with...AGAIN! I just love that so many of my customers come back for more!

Be sure to visit and take a look around! Who knows you may even want to join them or even sponsor some stamping fun!!!!!!

Images from istockphoto were used in this deign. Fonts were provided by one of my favorite free font sites. The sleek social networking icons were provided by Murid Rahhal.


  1. Sara!! You are my hero!!! We are SO pleased with our new home - it looks great and has so many great features!! I'm amazed with how well you put up with not one - but 2 customers!! Each with different tastes - LOL! :) Thank you so much for all the work you did!!!

  2. You've done it AGAIN!!! Great design -- I love the"graphic" feel of the site!! Very easy to follow.

  3. It looks great Sara! I am glad you are still plugging away at your list. Hope all is well with you and your family!

  4. Sara,
    You're very creative! I like your designs a lot. I'm glad you're so busy with work. COngrats!

    Your Friend,
    Bring Back Pluto
    "ONE of THE GUYS"