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Jun 14, 2010

Children's Challenge Corner and Casita Sales

I have still been working with a few different customers on website and blog designs. Julie asked me a while back if I could whip up a banner and some badges for the Children's Challenge Corner. She did have to wait a while but I finally found some time to get this done for her last week. Check it out and if you have any children who love paper crafting be sure to check out the challenges. The kids can win some really great prizes! I used graphics from istockphoto for this design.

I also designed a logo for a VERY OLD friend. We used to work together back in my "real job" days! He and his wife own a couple consignment shops. This one, Casita Sales, is furniture and home decor. They have BEAUTIFUL items for sale!  If you're near Lewsiville, TX you should really go visit. I am working on a larger scale site for them as well, so for now I have designed the logo and just made a few minor changes to the site they already have.

1 comment :

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kids challenge site!!! It is so cute and I'm sure will attract a lot of kiddos to participate!!!

    The other logo is very elegrant!! I went onto their site. It does look like they have a lot of pretty stuff!

    HAPPY 34!!!