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Jun 17, 2010

Helping Eric and the Family

I am in complete amazement at the support that has been give to my sister Susan and her family during Eric's battle with cancer! All of the cards and prayers that Eric and the family have received (and still receive) have been extremely uplifting for him and greatly appreciated!!!

I would have never imagined that all three of the companies that Susan designs for (MFT Stamps, TCP and Verve) would come together to help raise money for them!!!  They are all having 10% off sales Friday through Sunday and a percentage of the sales will go to Eric, Susan and their family!  WOW!!!  I want to personally thank them, it is so fantastic that they have all come together like this, I am just beside myself!!!

Sheila, one of Susan's bestest friends, also composed a message and, with my admin skills ;D, we posted it on Susan's blog yesterday along with a donate button on the side of her blog.  If you'd like to contribute and are not a stamper/crafter you can also help that way!

Thank you EVERYONE for all your support and encouragement!!!


  1. Awesome post!
    thanks a lot for sharing this nice post!

  2. hola! i just stopped by here to see if you've done anything new lately. noticed this was still at the top. the sale is over. eeek!

  3. Inspirational to say the least! Some gorgeous imaginations at work!