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Jul 21, 2010 I'm a bit late posting my latest releases!

I've been "playing" with Joomla (too many paid plugins...BTW), engaing my children (it's summer so ya know) and working on my next month's releases so I am a bit late posting July. Nonetheless I am still excited about them and hope you have some time to check them out and maybe even buy something!  I'd LOVE to hear about your projects!!!  FUN FUN!!

I have also had the "Susan Sale" posted for way too long...sorry about that.  I have a small loyal audience and to you I apologize.

I am now creating papers in different color collections (Lauren's AWESOME brain child) so a lot of these will be similar but hopefully catered more to your taste/projects.  You'll get the gist of it all when you look.  You can also >click here< to view all the latest MTME products!

I made quite a few "go to" papers that I feel would be useful in many projects, even outside of MTME products but you can be the real judge.

I have already finished next months papers (can't wait for you to see those, but I have to)! I am also working on a bit more for MTME...some other products...I will reveal those a bit later as well.  ;D

I'll be back before you know it so until then check out all the design team blogs to see what you can create with all these papers!

MTME gallery is coming soon as well...ok so I have 50 pots on the burner...what?

OH..OH..I almost forgot!  I redesigned Jen's blog last month too...if you haven't seen it, check it out!  Jen is UBER talented and has lots of cool projects and posts to share!!  Here is her before, now see her after:

Back again soon!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE Jen's new logo!! GREAT JOB SARA-MY-SARA!!!