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Jun 23, 2012

Just a Little Re-Design

You may remember Joanne from long ago in tweak history.  I have worked with her several times over the years on many projects.  For example an Etsy banner and a smaller, cleaner header for her blog.  Here's a fun before and after shot!

I do love that but take a look at this instead:

It's bold yet clean and I love how it turned out!  Thanks to Joanne's AWESOME inspiration we built this incredible design!  Thanks Joanne, you're such a wonderful client!  I always enjoy working with you!!!

Hop over and get a good look around!


  1. Love the new design Sara! It is so clean and fresh. I am ready for a "refreshed" look whenever you are. Hugs to you!

  2. Ok, I LOVE this!! Sara you are awesome!! :) And I'm still on that "list" too right? ;)

  3. the new look is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. love what you did with joanne's blog! am interested in a blog lift...details, please:)

  5. Oh! I love your banner, this is so cute! I have another niche of blog that encompasses oddly cute stuff on the internet. Possibly, I've found an inspiration to make another head banner, as quirky as this. :)

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