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Oct 15, 2008

...just a little something...

Joanne wanted something fun, clean and fresh. The main focus of inspiration was a t-shirt that she loves to wear. This doesn't really look too much like it now but we are both just ECSTATIC with the result! We were both VERY anxious to get this up and running so stay tuned, I've got more Joanne tweaks to come...just wait and see. ;p

No art credit is necessary because I drew it ALL myself....Whoopie!!!!

Be sure to click on over for...just a little something... by Joanne B! She does great work and is a HOOT to work with!! Thanks for being so patient with my juggling act Joanne!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks SO much for this Sara! I totally adore it. Hope you had fun....

  2. Another fabulous design!! Isn't Jo the greatest!! She's such cute bundle of fun and energy - I just love her and her cute new blog!! :)

  3. SARA!!! You amaze me .... and I'm your Mom!!! This is sooooo nice! Can't wait to see what else is up your sleeve ... those have to be some of the longest sleeves EVER as you have so much stashed up there!!!
    Congratulations to both you and Joanne!
    Linda L Bien (SCS name)

  4. Sara this is so adorable! But yet...arent ALL of your projects?