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Jul 16, 2008

I'm here, just working...see...

I just finished Debi's brand new blog design. She is a collaging, card making fool so I was able to play with styles I've never tried before! It was so much fun, I LOVED IT!!!

Vintage woman brush from -Papers from - Eiffel Tower brush from - Column and Lace brushes from - Fonts: ShowBoat, Expo and HenryMorganHand

Sue Kust over at The Spirit Zone asked me to match her blog to her store:

She even got a fun animated siggy!

You may also notice that her blgger navigation is gone from the top and she has her own search widget. Did you know I could do that?

Kimberly's Watermark:

Vicki wanted a siggy and watermark to match her brand new design by Lara. So go see Crazy Larry on Vicki's blog!

Crazy Larry and friends purchased from

Clara's Sidebar Bee:


  1. Wow! The first one is AMAZING! It's so ornate and gorgeous. Way to go Sara! You rock!

  2. Those are so cool- I love the crazy bird animation- too cute.

  3. Man o man Sara, you are rockin'! Everything looks great.

  4. Love the bird!! Oh - right, he's mine!!! LOL

    Thanks again Sara!!


  5. Sarah, I just wanted you to know I think yer wonderful! I know you iz a bizzy bizzy worker!