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Oct 20, 2008

A Dreamy Blog Design

You may all remember or even know Michelle at Stamper's Dream. We have worked together SEVERAL times. We have become such great friends! She was one of my very first blog customers. I've designed her blog as well as her store and have actually worked with her on several other projects. We felt like her blog needed a little face lift so it would integrate more smoothly with the store and since we were working together on her Dream Team page and her new Friend's Feature I thought this would be a good time to get that done. I think it's absolutely dreamy and looks great on her blog!

Thanks to Michelle and her Dream Team for working so hard to get this done!


  1. You are ABSOLUTELY the best there is! I'm such a huge fan of your awesome work. And I am privileged to call you my friend. Thanks Sara, for everything! {{{HUGS!}}}

  2. oh, i'll have to go check it out!! looks fun!!...linking you in my blog post. catch ya later!